An Investment In Our Future

ruth with grandkids2

We need to address the Education of our young people – the inheritors of our legacy.  Quality education is key to having a stable and productive economy for Pennsylvania’s future. There is great value in providing and supporting quality education for all of our children and young adults, however, PA legislators have not always acted so.  I intend to focus on Education as a major component of responsible governing.  

At present, we do not have statewide Pre Kindergarten and/or all day kindergarten for the youngest students in the State.  Programs that are strategically important in creating opportunity for the future success for ALL OF OUR CHILDREN have been ignored by our current administration.  I will support initiatives that will enable EVERY CHILD to reach his or her potential.  In our country, as in our state, a quality education is the greatest equalizer we can offer our children.  It is, without question, the most important ingredient in building a strong foundation for the future well being of the Commonwealth and all of our citizens.

I support strong, quality, public school education through high school for our youngest citizens.  By providing cost effective public education and insuring a range of post high school options for young people - our sons and daughters – we can make sure that they will be equipped to succeed and contribute as adults.  Investing wisely in quality education strategies means our state and local communities will spend less in the long run.  Fewer dollars will be needed to shore up remedial and corrective services because:

-- Better educated youth equal fewer dropouts;

-- Fewer dropouts equal fewer incarcerated youth;

-- Fewer incarcerated youth equal fewer dollars spent on our correctional institutions;

-- Better educated youth equal an increase in prepared adults entering the work force; and a stronger and better prepared work force equals a stronger economy.  


This is a win win situation.  It will bring a return on our investment many, many times over.

Making this investment now, will save costly expenditures going forward!

Supporting higher education is equally urgent.  Again, recent decisions by many of our legislators have drastically cut support for higher education from State sources.  All of our young people should have access to the choices of going to college, attending post high school technical schools, and/or receiving first-rate vocational training.  We must do more to fund these options NOW, so that we do not have to pay the much more costly price of having a population of young adults not prepared to compete and succeed in our global economy.  Such support will increase the buying power of families and decrease dependency on government-funded programs.