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As our State Senator, Ruth will give us a principled voice in Harrisburg

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  • Fighting for small businesses - the source of many jobs that will support working families
  • Supporting community college programs to train workers for the jobs of the future
  • Making Marcellus Shale gas companies pay their fair share, and passing regulations that keep our drinking water safe
  • Cutting through legislative gridlock; overcoming partisanship; pressing for the timely passage of a fiscally responsible budget
  • Pressing for the reduction of legislative staff; reducing the size of the legislature; imposing term limits for the elected officials just as we do for our president and governors
  • Recovering your medicaid tax dollars from other states
  • Improving education in the Commonwealth
  • Making voting easier for Commonwealth residents


Sign the petition to ask Stewart Greenleaf to release the Hate Crime Bill, SB42, from his Judiciary Committee.